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interior desire


March 2015

Written by
Lauren Hunsberger


Interior DesignBetty Blount, interior designer for the Bellevue Club and Zena Design Group, shares her tips and trends for keeping your interiors on point. 

tip #1: curate your space

Add art to a room whenever possible; it’s the best element for interest and color. When possible, hang art at gallery height–about 60 inches from the ceiling to the center of the piece.

tip #2: Stay classic

Keep spaces from looking too trendy or thematic. Trendy fabrics and inexpensive objects are fine, but use classics for elements you cannot easily change, such as flooring.   

tip #3: use color wisely

Choose lighter tones if your space is small or feels confining. If you have great open spaces, dark tones are terrific for adding drama and intimacy.

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