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a beer a day

bottle talk

May 2015

Written by
Lauren Hunsberger

Bottle Talk

BeerWine is often touted for its health-giving properties, but beer is no slacker. When consumed in moderation (typically one glass for women, two for men) it can have some profound benefits for health and happiness. Here’s what the experts have to say:

According to Men’s Health magazine, “Italian researchers found that moderate beer drinkers had a 42 percent lower risk of heart disease compared to non-drinkers. For maximum protection, keep your consumption to one pint—at around five percent alcohol by volume—a day, the researchers say.”


“Your doc may have told you that drinking alcohol in moderation is good for your health, but usually wine gets all the cred for the antioxidant benefits. Truth be told, beer and wine contain the same amount of antioxidants,” CNN reports. Additionally, “One to two beers a day is good for your bones. Brew contains silicon, which is in very few foods and is linked to bone strength and health.”


The Smithsonian reports on the history of beer in the workplace—a great tool for motivation: “For the pyramids, each worker got a daily ration of four to five liters.” … “It was a source of nutrition, refreshment and reward for all the hard work. It was beer for pay. You would have had a rebellion on your hands if they’d run out. The pyramids might not have been built if there hadn’t been enough beer.”


“Drinking beer could actually help reduce your risk of developing kidney stones, according to a recent study in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. According to that study, men and women who reported drinking a moderate amount of beer reduced their risk of developing a stone by 41 percent. By contrast, drinking soda increased their risk by 23 percent,” Huffington Post claims.


Runner’s World magazine says, “Other health benefits of moderate (note the emphasis on moderate here) alcohol consumption in general are an association with lowered incidence of gallstones, decreased risk of Type 2 diabetes, and improved cognitive function in older adults.” 

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