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A Drop Will Do

Written by
Morrena Villanueva

Essential oils have long been thought to possess the power to help physical, mental and emotional health by stimulating the body’s natural processes. You can now experience the influence firsthand at The Spa at the Bellevue Club with 21 Drops essential oils. Featured in the Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart Living and on The Today Show, 21 Drops fuses 100 percent natural essential oils with 100 percent organic jojoba oil. The following oil blends are now carried in The Spa, and a select few can be used during treatments (manicures, pedicures, massage treatments and facials).

Headache (#5):

Those who suffer from headaches know exactly how debilitating they can be. Luckily, Headache can help ease your symptoms and get you back to your life. Headache nurtures and relaxes with lavender, cools with peppermint and calms the nervous system with rosewood. It’s never been easier to get relief when you need it most.

Detox (#4):

This essential oil blend is perfect to use after an overindulgent night. Detox flushes unwanted toxins from the body with juniper, dispels nausea with cardamom, soothes nerves with lavender and eases water retention with geranium. Even if you haven’t been drinking, it works as a detox to help you feel rejuvenated all day long.

De-stress (#11):

This blend quiets the mind with frankincense, reduces tension and anxiety with German chamomile and lavender, and helps ease panic attacks with ylang ylang. It is the ideal blend to carry with you to help clear your mind from life’s overwhelming demands and distractions.

invigorate (#1):

Invigorate was specially created to help those who need a little pep in their step. The blend includes black pepper to rejuvenate, cedarwood to extend endurance, juniper to energize and rosemary to enhance your mind power. Feeling down and drained? This could just be the perfect remedy.

Equalize (#7):

Bring yourself back to center with Equalize. This blend is for when you’re not quite feeling yourself and need a little help stabilizing your fluctuating moods. Equalize balances emotion with frankincense, promotes stability with palmarosa, eases despair and soothes the heart with rose and creates inner harmony with sandalwood.

Pain Relief (#8):

Pain Relief is just what the doctor ordered. It doesn’t matter if it’s your joints, muscles or chronic aches, this blend will help ease your pain and discomfort throughout the day. Pain Relief uses ginger to help with circulation, helichrysum to aid bruised areas, juniper to ease discomfort and myrrh to soothe muscles.

Sleep (#18):

Having trouble falling asleep? Keep Sleep by your bed to help ease your mind and body. A 2013 clinical study with Dr. Michael Christensen and Dr. Sergio Nacht showed that over 90 percent of people using Sleep would experience relief from various sleep problems. Sleep diminishes anxiety with palmarosa, quiets the mind with sandalwood, soothes and increases relaxation with vetiver and encourages peace with ylang ylang.

To book an appointment at The Spa, call 425.688.3114. For more information and to check out the entire 21 Drops line, visit 21

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