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Exercises for the Frequent Flyer: Christin Tercek

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Michael Matti

Exercises  for the Frequent Flyer

Whether you’re traveling to the beautiful beaches of California, embarking on an adventure in Africa or jet-setting to Europe on business, be sure to pack these exercises from Bellevue Club personal trainer Christin Tercek, which can all be done with your suitcase or a simple, lightweight prop you can put into it.

Exercise #1: Monster Walk with Tubing

Stand on the tubing with feet slightly wider than hip width apart. Crisscross the tubing to make an X and pull your hands up to hip bones to provide tension. Leading with the side of your foot, step wide laterally without sliding, thinking about driving your heel into the ground as you step. Then, bring the other foot back to the start position without bringing feet completely back together. Keep continuous tension. > Start with three reps of 10 steps down and back. 


Exercise #2: Suitcase Single-Arm Row

Align yourself in a lunge position with your back leg extended and most of the weight in your front leg. Angle the body to 45 degrees, making a straight line from back heel to top of head. Lock the shoulder blades in place and retain a neutral neck. Engage your core. Grip the suitcase, holding the side handle along your extended leg, and lift your elbow straight up toward the ceiling, engaging the muscles in your lats. Return arm to the extended position, keeping neck and shoulders relaxed. Items in the suitcase add tension to the exercise, so adjust articles depending on strength and ability. > Start with three sets of 12 reps on each side. 


Exercise #3: Suitcase Reverse Lunge with Torso Rotation

Engaging your core, lift the suitcase to chest height. Step back into a lunge with one foot, and rotate your torso toward the direction of your front leg. Continuously engage the core. The front knee should be above your shoelaces, and both legs should be at 90 degrees. Align legs hip width and keep your knees from shifting as your torso rotates. > Start with three sets of 10–12 reps per leg. 


Exercise #4: Jumping Lunges

Start in a lunge position with knees at 90 degrees and core muscles engaged. Position your arms opposite of legs, elbows also at 90 degrees. Jump equally from both legs, switching feet and arms in transition, and land with opposing leg and arm in start position. > Start with three sets of 20 reps. 


Exercise #5: Plank Series

Start in a plank with your elbows resting on the ground and aligned directly below your shoulders. Your shoulder blades should be locked in place (to avoid shrugging the neck) and head in a neutral position with the gaze looking slightly forward. Keep the hips approximately shoulder height. Engage the muscles in your legs and core and hold. Moderate the exercise by dropping knees to the ground, and never work through back pain. > Start by holding for 30 seconds. 

Variation 1: Alternate lifting one foot off the ground six to 12 inches by squeezing glutes and hamstring of lifting leg. Be sure to keep the hips level and stable without rolling or shifting alignment. > Start with three sets of 20 reps on each leg.

Variation 2 (not pictured): Alternate reaching forward with your arms and tap your fingertips on the floor without disturbing alignment. > Start with three sets of 20 reps on each arm.

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