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Test Your Movability: Derik Broadnax

Trainer of the Month

Photography by
Darren Hendrix

Sure you might be able to lift heavy weights or run long distances, but how’s your movability? Bellevue Club personal trainer Derik Broadnax shares four movements that will reveal how your body is functioning on a basic level. They might seem simple at first, but give them a try and you’ll see they are far from easy.


Exercise #1: Passive Hang

Hanging is good for increasing grip strength, passive scapular elevation and decompression of the spine.

Find a bar to hang from that allows complete spinal elongation. Start hanging using both hands. When you can hang easily with two hands for one minute, start transitioning to a one-arm hang.


Exercise #2: Resting Squat

Squatting stretches the knees, ankles and hips, while decompressing the spine.

Feet hip width or wider, drop into a squat with your arms resting on your knees. Rest in that position for as long as you want, with a good goal being ease or comfort in the posture. Once you are comfortable holding the squat, try it with your feet together or on one leg as a pistol squat.


Exercise #3: Shin Box

The purpose of the shin box is to passively stretch the hips and
increase joint mobility using internal and external rotation. 

Sit on the floor with one shin placed in front of you and one leg tucked behind. Stay in this resting position for as long as you want, or stretch the hands out front and practice alternating sides. 


Exercise #4: Shoulder Dislocate

The primary purpose of the shoulder dislocate is to increase shoulder mobility and function.

Grab onto an unweighted stick. Keeping the elbows straight, rotate the stick as close to 360 degrees as possible, starting from the front of the body and reaching overhead to the back. To make the movement easier, spread your arms wider apart.


Join Derik for his “It’s All Fun and Games” movement workshop on June 25.  Email for more information.

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