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Decoding Dermaplanning


You know those fine hairs on your face often called “peach fuzz”? Kristin, a Bellevue Club aesthetician, suggests gently exfoliating them away, along with all your dead skin cells. The service is called “dermaplaning,” and it just might help you achieve the smoothest skin you’ve ever had.

Reflections magazine: What is dermaplaning?

Kristin: Dermaplaning is a gentle exfoliation method that uses a manual exfoliation tool to remove vellus hair from the face and a thin layer of skin. It is a simple and effective treatment for buffing the skin.

RM: What are the primary benefits?

K: Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, which creates a more youthful, vibrant look. It also aids in better product penetration, helping improve the skin’s overall appearance on a dermal level (the second layer of skin, underneath the epidermis). The facial hair removal is also a huge benefit.

RM: What is vellus hair, and how can the removal of it help the skin?

K: Fine hair that covers the face, and when it’s removed, it leaves the skin smoother than before and allows your products to penetrate deeper.

RM: Will the hair grow back thicker?

K: No, it is physiologically impossible for your vellus hairs to grow back thicker. Once the hair is cut, it does have a blunt edge, but this edge doesn’t mean the hair structure has been altered. 

RM: Are there certain skin types that aren’t suited for the treatment?

K: The only skin type that should avoid dermaplaning is acne-prone skin. We offer a free 15-minute consultation to evaluate your skin if you are unsure.

RM: Can the procedure be paired with other treatments?

K: Absolutely. This is one of the most versatile forms of exfoliation to add to a chemical peel, HydraFacial or any facial. In fact, it will increase the results of other services.

RM: What is the downtime or recovery process like?

K: Depending on what service you’re adding it to, results may vary. But for the most part, the downtime will be minimal because we are removing the dead skin so there is less chance for peeling. 

RM: How often can it be done?

K: Every two to four weeks.

RM: Is it just for women? Can men benefit from the procedure?

K: Men can absolutely receive this procedure. We just avoid parts of the face that have facial hair, so it’s essentially on the cheeks, nose and forehead.

For more information, make an appointment at The Spa for a free 15-minute consultation. Call 425.688.3114.  

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