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A Fresh Start for Art: New Museums


Written by
Haley Shapley

You no doubt have some tried-and-true favorite museums, but consider visiting a new one in the coming year—these museums making their debut have plenty to offer art enthusiasts.






Museum MACAN
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Anticipated Opening: 2017

Businessman Haryanto Adikoesoemo saw the art scene in Indonesia flourishing, but he noticed that it was lacking something: nice museums open to the public. That led him to found the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara, known as Museum MACAN, to display the work of both famous names and emerging artists. The first exhibit will feature pieces from Adikoesoemo’s collection, by everyone from pop-art icon Andy Warhol to Indonesian expressionist painter Affandi to German visual artist Gerhard Richter. 

The 43,000-square-foot museum will also feature an indoor sculpture garden and space for education, and there will be an emphasis on art history and research. “We want to create a platform for cultural exchanges—for Indonesian art to be brought to the world, and for world art to be brought to Indonesia,” Adikoesoemo told Agency France-Press. “I believe that by appreciating and understanding art, we can improve our quality of life.”


Image: Preliminary renderings of Museum MACAN, by MET Studio Design Ltd.


Remai Modern
Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Anticipated Opening: 2017

With a goal to deliver thought-provoking art and expansive learning experiences, the Remai Modern in downtown Saskatoon will feature 11 gallery spaces, along with a learning center, a restaurant, and indoor and outdoor lounges. The museum won’t be a place to passively gaze at art—here, the creators envision a space where people can actively participate in the creative process. The permanent collection features more than 8,000 works, notably including 405 linocut prints from Pablo Picasso—the most comprehensive such collection in the world—donated by museum namesake Ellen Remai. 

“Through the Picasso linocuts, Ellen Remai brought something of great significance to Saskatchewan,” said the gallery’s executive director and CEO, Gregory Burke. “This gift was foundational to the development of Remai Modern’s vision: to be a stage on which globally circulating knowledge is infused with a locally relevant perspective.” Philanthropist Frederick Mulder added an additional linocut, plus 23 ceramic pieces by the iconic modern artist. 


Image: Images courtesy of Remai Modern


Louvre Abu Dhabi
Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Anticipated Opening: late 2016

In the works since 2007, the Louvre Abu Dhabi has a big name behind it, having signed a 30-year deal with the French government to be associated with the famous Louvre in Paris. Located on Saadiyat Island, the museum looks like a floating dome and is surrounded by water. French architect Jean Nouvel designed the structure so that light streams in from above, and the building will be illuminated both day and night. 

Inside, the central display moves through four time periods: Archaeology and Birth of Civilization; Medieval Days and Birth of Islam; Classical Period from Humanism to Enlightenment; and Modern and Contemporary Art, starting at the end of the 18th century. The pieces will come from both the East and West, and Abu Dhabi has spent about $55 million a year for several years in order to acquire an impressive collection. “It is the first time such a large amount is invested in a collection in such a short period,” Laurence Descars, a curator at the Louvre, told The Wall Street Journal.



More Museums Opening Soon

Focused on everything from history to music, these museums will be debuting in the coming year:

>> The Bass

Location: Miami Beach, Florida

Anticipated Reopening: December 1, 2016

Although not a completely new museum, The Bass will be getting a whole new look. With an almost 50 percent increase in programmable space, the international contemporary art museum will reopen with three solo exhibitions from Swiss-born Ugo Rondinone, Argentinean-born Mika Rottenberg and Cameroonian-born Pascale Marthine Tayou.


>> Guggenheim Abu Dhabi

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Anticipated Opening: 2017

Designed by Frank Gehry, this museum is part of a planned complex of arts and cultural institutions on Saadiyat Island, including the Louvre Abu Dhabi.


>> National Museum of African American History & Culture

Location: Washington, D.C.

Anticipated Opening: September 24, 2016

President Barack Obama helped break ground on this museum in 2012, which has nearly 100,000 charter members.


>> Museum of Modern Electronic Music

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Anticipated Opening: 2017

This museum will cover all things electronic music, from wardrobe and graphic design to historic influences and instrument technology. 


>> Museum of the American Revolution

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Anticipated Opening: April 19, 2017

George Washington’s camp cups, the first newspaper printing of the Declaration of Independence, and a wooden cookie board from the Superintendent of Bakers in the Continental Army are just a few of the artifacts you’ll find here.

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