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Five Reasons to Kickbox

Wellness Feature

Bellevue Club instructor Carrie Fountain breaks down the benefits of adding a little a little shadowboxing to your fitness routine.

1. Learn how to properly throw a punch and kick. “As we warm up, I always explain to everyone the proper form for a jab, uppercut and leg kick.”


2. Get a good cardio workout with a high intensity interval-training format. “We start off slow and build up intensity. Then we back off, only to build it back up. That back and forth is the general format and great for overall conditioning.”


3. Build strength. “Kickboxing really focuses on core and glutes, but there’s some great shoulder work happening when you have to keep the arms raised. Also all the twisting is great for the obliques, back and core.”


4. No contact. “We don’t use bags in this class. It’s mainly shadowboxing, which is good for those who don’t necessarily want to strike anything.”


5. Have fun. “Kickboxing is multidimensional and is a great way to add variety and gain new skills.”


For a list of Carrie’s classes, please pick up a current GPX schedule.



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