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Beauty on the Go


Written by
Haley Shapley

Unless your entire bathroom fits into a carry-on, a trip away from home means leaving your practiced daily beauty routine behind. 

Fear not — you can look and feel good on the road with these beauty tips and tricks for travelers.


The Basics 

Before diving into specifics, there are broad beauty and grooming tips everyone should know before heading out the door. Whether you’re going by train, plane, car, bike, bus, motorcycle or boat, these tips are essential.

  • Pack light. For a stress-free trip, think small and simple as you gear up. Now is the perfect time to use those sample-sized products you’ve saved from subscription boxes or beauty store gifts.
  • Pack less. One way to keep your packing list at a minimum is by bringing products that have multiple uses, like a cream blush that doubles as lip tint.
  • Dress smart. Temperatures may fluctuate as you travel, especially if you’re traveling somewhere with a different climate. Wear layers so you can peel one off if you’re warm or add another if you’re chilly. Loose-fitting clothing is optimal to keep your circulation going strong on long trips. And make sure to keep your travel outfit comfy — it will enhance your beauty sleep!
  • Get some sleep. Planes, trains, and automobiles aren’t always the most comfortable makeshift beds, but getting your rest is essential for looking your best. Pack a travel pillow and a lightweight blanket (better yet, add a blanket scarf to your layered travel outfit) and catch some zzz’s in transit.
  • Keep your blood flowing. Take a few minutes every hour to get up and move in order to refresh your body and get a healthy glow. Walk, stretch, do lunges — whatever it takes to get that blood pumping. If you don’t have the option to move much, try stretching and flexing your legs in your seat to boost circulation. 

Hair Care

Changing humidity levels, long hours without washing, cat-nap-fueled flatness—all these things may cause your hair to rebel when traveling. But even when exposed to the elements of travel, your hair can be happy.

  • Long trips are a perfect time to pamper your locks. Apply a hair mask before your trip, then hop in the shower to wash and rinse your hair when you arrive at your destination.
  • Hair styling tools like straighteners and curling irons take up valuable space in your luggage. Use this opportunity to give your hair a break from the treachery styling can bring and go natural while on your trip. Alternatively, get a volume-boosting blowout before you leave, keeping your hair chic for days. 

Skin Savers

Your skin needs more attention than you think. Traveling often means sitting in an air-conditioned car or a high-altitude airplane cabin. Both situations mean dry air, which wreaks havoc on skin. Here’s how you can beat travel dryness to the punch.

  • Stay extra hydrated. Drink lots of water and apply a deep moisturizing cream the night before you travel. Use a moisturizer often, and if your skin feels overloaded with lotion, try a misting spray to keep moisture locked in. If you can’t imagine going without foundation, which tends to dry out skin, try a tinted moisturizer with SPF to get the coverage you need. 
  • Dehydration doesn’t only affect your face — your lips need attention, too. Avoid dry, cracked lips by keeping a medicated lip balm on you at all times to apply periodically in transit. To add color, try a moisturizing tinted lip balm or gloss.
  • Traveling can be exhausting. Apply cream blush to your cheeks to bring life back into your face and preserve a dewy appearance. Adding highlighter to your cheekbones will enhance your radiant look even more.

Neat Nails

Whether you’re headed for a beach-bum vacation, a family reunion, or a business conference, your nails should never be ignored. After all, they tie your whole look together! Sadly, traveling can take quite the toll.

  • Avoid noticeably chipped nails by choosing nude or dull polish colors rather than bright ones that stand out. Apply a clear topcoat after polishing to make your color last. After all, chipped nails are not a good look, and all that packing, repacking and lugging gear will surely give your nails a beating.
  • Who knows when you’ll break a nail? Keep a travel kit filled with nail clippers, a small file, and cuticle scissors on hand to touch up your nails as needed.

Bright Eyes

Did you use your travel time to catch up on your favorite TV series or that novel you’ve been meaning to read? Maybe your sleep schedule got distorted because of time zone changes or night driving. In any case, your eyes will need some love on a long trip.

  • Long hours mean dry eyes. Keep them moist and avoid redness by bringing along eye drops—prescription or over-the-counter options both work well. Keep a bottle in your purse for easy access throughout your trip.
  • Skip the mascara and eye shadow while traveling. Eye makeup tends to move around after long periods of wear, especially after a snooze. Arriving at your destination with smudges on your face just means more work—and face-washing—for you.


These tips and tricks are sure to keep you pretty and polished, even with the elements of travel working against your beauty routine. Bon voyage!  

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