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The Gentleman's Guide to the Spa


Written by
Kathryn Smith

Who says men don’t need spa treatments too? There can be a stigma about men going to spas, but we are here to tell you—it’s time to break it! At the Spa, men are invited to indulge with these treatments created specially for them.


Gentleman’s Retreat

Duration: Three hours

Price: $330

This package is intended to provide escape and relief for the hardworking man. The treatment is threefold: 50-minute Custom Massage, 60-minute Custom Facial and 75-minute Therapeutic Spa Pedicure. This holistic opportunity is perfect for de-stressing when that summer vacation seems far too distant.


Gentleman’s Facial

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $98

This facial is specially designed with non-perfumed products to help improve skin health, while steamed towels and a relaxing massage help rejuvenate the appearance.


Sport Manicure

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: $36

This brief manicure is perfect for men who are active and use their hands during exercise or work. Spa specialists clean up fingernails and relax the hands with a hydrating hand massage and warm softening mitt. 


Sport Pedicure

Duration: 45 minutes

Price: $47

Feet that work hard deserve some TLC, and the Sport Pedicure can do the trick. Receive a footbath, nail trimming and massage up the calves. It’s also great for smoothing calluses.


Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massage 

Duration: 25 minutes / 50 minutes / 80 minutes

Price: $62 / $93 / $133

This personalized massage is perfect for men with particular ailments. Issues such as whiplash, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports/training recovery, trigger points and lymphatic drainage can be addressed through a variety of focused techniques. 


Swedish Massage 

Duration: 25 minutes / 50 minutes / 80 minutes

Price: $62 / $93 / $133

The Swedish massage promotes relief from sore muscles and increases blood circulation and calming of the nervous system. Repetitive kneading strokes help the body to relax after a stressful day or exercise that causes tension.



Duration: 25 minutes / add to massage

Price: $57 / $41

One of many specialty massages available, reflexology can be beneficial to everyone. Reflexology is an ancient acupressure practice using stimulation in the feet and hands to benefit the entire body. Add to a massage or try individually.



Duration and price vary depending on the procedure. These options are applicable to men who are looking for hair removal that a clean shave cannot provide:

Full Back—$61

Back and Shoulder—$71


Chest and Abdomen—$58  


To book an appointment with the Spa, please call 425.688.3114.

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