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Bellevue Club trainer Derik Broadnax explains how a simple test called the Functional Movement Screen can help you move and train more intelligently.

What is the Functional Movement Screen (FMS)?

The FMS is a screen comprised of seven movement patterns and three pain-clearing tests essential to everyday, healthy movements. The patterns ask for demonstrations in mobility, stability and motor control, and each is scored excellent, adequate or dysfunctional. I often compare the FMS to a routine blood pressure test. If your results show a problem, you then develop a strategy to resolve or manage it. By appraising your movement competency through the seven fundamental movement patterns, the FMS gives you the same kind of objective score. 

Who should get an FMS?

Anyone looking for weak links, body optimization or to restore mobility, stability and motor control. Many people think it’s only for athletes or is a performance test, but the movement patterns are not specific to athletics. They are based on movements that should naturally develop in most human bodies.

Why should you get an FMS?

The FMS identifies deficits in your body. Some people find they have many issues and need to make significant changes in their approach to health, movement and training. One of the greatest benefits is learning if you should eliminate certain exercises that are contributing to movement dysfunction. Other people might just need slight adjustments, and still others will find the results insignificant and be encouraged to continue what they’re doing. 

When should you get an FMS?

The purpose is to gain a baseline of movement ability, so it’s important to perform when you’re first establishing a training program. It’s also critical when testing to see if a corrective strategy is working or if you’re returning from an injury. Aside from that, once you have your baseline, you can retest at any time and see changes in your score due to lifestyle, training efforts and injuries.

How to get an FMS?

E-mail to make an appointment. For more information about the FMS, visit  

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