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Saint James Paris

Reciprocal Club

Written by
Kathryn Smith

The neoclassical architecture of the Saint James Paris club is a masterpiece in itself, but there’s much more to experience. On your next trip abroad, enjoy all the luxuries it provides in an unmatched atmosphere.


Located in central Paris, the club is just minutes from the Eiffel Tower and other interesting historical places. 


The Guerlain Spa offers members a variety of relaxation services. Choose between anti-aging treatments, massage therapy, aromatherapy and cleansing facials for the restoring experience every vacation warrants. The gym houses cardio and weight-training equipment, and a coach is available to assist in personalizing an exercise plan too. As for travel around the city or to simply vary your exercise routine, bicycles are available on loan.


This dining site pays tribute to the historical significance of the location (it was a hot-air-balloon launching site) with three large hot-air-balloon-shaped structures. The ornate white metal chairs and beautiful grounds match the magical adornments of the private garden atmosphere.


Another social gathering place, the Library-Bar offers personalized cocktails from head barman Judicaël Noël. The intimate setting is perfect for sharing drinks and conversation exclusively with other members and guests.

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