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The Lodge Life


Written by
Lauren Hunsberger

Photography by
Inese Westcott, Roman Rivera

Building homes in the Pacific Northwest is in Evan Westcott’s blood. His father, Lewis Westcott, and other relatives—including the well-known architect Ralph Anderson—have been in the industry for decades, and he grew up on construction sites. In fact, Westcott has never had a job outside of construction. After earning a business degree from University of Washington, he launched West Corp Construction to make his own mark on the field, and the company now specializes in large commercial and multi-family projects. However, he has a soft spot for building modern mountain lodges that are just as stunning as the backdrops they’re set against. Westcott invited Reflections inside his latest passion projects to show us everything a cabin can be.



Westcott describes his style as Northwest contemporary, defined by raw and durable materials, bold but clean lines and lots of windows to maximize natural light. “The natural materials bring warmth to the lodge,” Westcott says. “And the projects are sitting on sites to maximize solar exposure and views.”

Another distinct feature of his style is a modular layout. Meant to be easily customized and provide distinctly different spaces (think quiet bedrooms for sleeping even with a kitchen full of family), the modules also add an interesting dimension to the exterior. “I like the idea of putting boxes together. In one of the lodges there’s a sleeping bunk that’s just a big gray concrete rectangle with four bedrooms and a bonus room. People can actually sleep while all kinds of other activities are going on,” Westcott says. 

THE DETAILS: Many of the features in Westcott’s lodges are created by
local artists and craftsmen. For example, the big bear (below) in Na-Mu Lodge was made by Scotty’s Carvings out of Cle Elum.



Another recent build, the Zayly Lodge was created with many of the same principles in mind. One priority for Westcott was to provide outdoor spaces that contribute to an environment conducive to entertaining without detracting from the natural beauty. “The designs were incorporated to create private exterior courtyards and patios while keeping the awesome views and solar exposure,” Westcott says.

The Zayly lodge is also located in Leavenworth, a favorite destination for Westcott to both visit and build. “It’s only a two-hour drive, and there is so much to do there. There are lots of cool bars, 26 festivals a year, and tons of outdoor activities,” Westcott says.

THE ARCHITECT: Sharing a similar aesthetic, Westcott worked in collaboration with local architect Todd Smith from Syndicate Smith.



Westcott is currently building two more lodges right next to each other in downtown Leavenworth. He says they will be in his style but with a Bavarian twist.

While Westcott’s signature style complements mountain lodges well, it can also translate nicely to primary residencies in more urban environments, such as Bellevue, where his family’s home (pictured below) is located. He lives there with his wife, Inese, and three kids. 

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