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Decoding the Oxygen Facial

Wellness Feature

Writen by
Lauren Hunsberger

The list of celebrity endorsements for Intraceuticals oxygen facials is extensive, including everyone from Chelsea Handler, Miranda Kerr and Naomi Campbell to Justin Timberlake and Channing Tatum. Bottom line: those who make a career of putting their best face forward turn to this cutting-edge procedure because of the technology used. We talked with Desiree Cannon, an Intraceuticals representative, about bring the technology to the Club.

What is an Intraceuticals oxygen facial?
 It’s often called the Red Carpet Facial because we do so many celebrity treatments pre-Oscars, pre-Grammys, Emmys, everything. And it works so well because it’s all about feeding your skin hydration. It’s all about health and getting your skin revived and replenished, but then also protected.

How does it do that?
 It rehydrates the skin using very tiny, low-weight molecules of hyaluronic acid that are stacked and then pushed into the skin using oxygen. The game changer is actually in the hyaluronic acid in our serums, because it’s hydrating for many levels. We just deliver it in a unique way with hyperbaric oxygen, which pushes the molecules into the skin for instant and visible results. The serums actually do the work, and the oxygen is the mode of transportation.

What type of results can people expect?
DC: One of the big perks is instant gratification. It immediately increases skin hydration levels and smooths the texture.

What is an optimal treatment plan?
 Results are cumulative—the more you use it, the better results. I recommend six treatments, one treatment per week, and then maintenance once or twice a month. Plus we have a home care system with products of the same molecular size. It reinforces the treatment, feeding your skin.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t use this treatment?
 It really is for all ages, and for men and women. We have five collections in our line, and depending on your skin health, we have protocols for everyone. From teen clients with acne to clients with sun-damaged skin, the oxygen facial will help with any kind of inflammation and basically rejuvenates the skin. I like to say hyaluronic acid doesn’t choose sides; it just works.

Where did the oxygen technology come from?
 Initially, oxygen was used mostly for medical and therapeutic reasons.  We use that same technology to feed our unique ingredients to skin cells.

Will full-body treatments eventually be offered?
 Body is coming. I can’t say when just yet, but it’s coming.

How does this oxygen facial stand out compared to others on the market?
 Oxygen in general is great for the skin; it’s antimicrobial and antibacterial, and it can be a very relaxing procedure. But we have sneaky great technology in our product. Our treatment goes a step further: we took oxygen to the next level and integrated hyaluronic acid layering technology, called intralayering, and we use unique plant-based molecules that enhance your skin.

Are there any skin-related trends that drive you crazy right now?
 The whole at-home lip-plumping thing. Our treatment will plump your lips without a suction cup. Also, a big one is diversion—when people buy skin-care products online. I recently heard a great quote about how buying skin care online is as questionable as buying underwear online—you don’t know where they came from, what’s in them or how fresh they are. And that’s a perfect comparison. Get your products from an authority so you know exactly what’s in them and that they are for real. That’s a huge issue in the industry.


Any other advice for skin health?
 Wear sunscreen: we talk about it until we’re blue in the face, but it’s so true.

Anything else about the oxygen facial?
Yes, it’s actually very complementary to many other treatments. You can do it with a HydraFacial, dermaplaning, anything. It plays very well in the sandbox, especially with those procedures that exfoliate.

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